Our Masterchefs invite you to their World of Artistry...

Choicest Natural Ingredients | BreadTalk

Choicest Natural Ingredients

Premium natural ingredients sourced globally, such as Japanese-milled flour and pure butter from New Zealand, to create pastes/fillings in our Central Kitchen ensuring greater quality.

Crafted With Passion | BreadTalk

Crafted with Passion

Focus on creating perfect harmony among textures, flavors and ingredients, the recipes are inspired from each Master Chef's personal take on classic simplicity.

Joy of Wholesome Goodness | BreadTalk

Joy of Wholesome Goodness

Every bite's a Joy as we continue to create products that bring an abundance of natural goodness in order to satisfy the rapidly evolving needs of consumers.

and an Exhibition of their Masterpieces

Flosss Buns | BreadTalk

Flosss Buns

A sweet cream-filled bun coated with a generous layer of the secret ingredient 'flosss'.

Sweet & Savoury Treats | BreadTalk

Sweet & Savoury Treats

Collection of sweet and savoury recipes that bring out the best of the diverse ingredients.

Cakes & Cupcakes | BreadTalk

Delectable Desserts

Wide range of delectable desserts to make every occasion sweet and unforgettable.